Brosis Third Book Drive

The third book drive from a Local Advocate for Children´s literacy.

17 March 2021


We love your warm and humble personality.


Your donation of books will indeed be of great help to our kids. Thank you, Adry Annah

Twasema Asante!

For the next seven or 8 weeks, Brosis Library shall act as our classroom.

And therefore we would really appreciate it if you donate any Learning material.

Thank you, Miss Adry Hanna. Again, the children in the slum are thankful for all the books donated. 

#Building our future





The Brosis Library has multilingual books from around the world and a few English children´s books.

Brosis´s vision and mission;

  • To create a library in the slum for the children where reading and storytelling are an essential part of growing up for every child.

  • To welcome visitors from different countries and read books in their own language to the children in the slum. 

  • To establish itself as a community library center with computers where children in the slum can encourage each other to read and enjoy as a child with other kids. 

  • To support literacy and ultimately to see our children in the slum succeed in school.

Adry Annah Book donation