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Alongside education, football has emerged to be one of those activities that the community kids use to keep themselves busy. Ngando being an area that is under-developed with slums in it. It is not easy for most families to cope up with life challenges thus leaving the kids with no place to lean on. 

From this is when the idea came up to start a football team that will ensure the community kids get equal opportunities regardless of their status in life. Having been raised in the slum area, I totally understand how much impact football contributes to the slum kids. This is the place where kids get together regardless of their differences. It has also provided a place where kids can call home whenever their homes are not friendly to them. 

Since the football team started, the number has grown to 60 kids whose ages range between 7 yrs. old to 19 yrs. old. The team was officially registered as Brosis Group in 2018. 

Later on, an idea to open a Brosis´s community library came up. The library offers the kids a place where they can easily do their personal studies with minimal distractions.  Most of the group activities depend on support from well-wishers. And we continue being grateful to them. 

As Brosis Football club we are glad to work with the community members by engaging in activities that will go along way in improving their lives.


BROSIS GROUP Founder/Chairman

BROSIS Kids Football Club Founder/Organizer/Coach

BROSIS School 20018-19 Asst. Admin/Social Worker/Teacher

JLKJLU Kenya Co-Founder

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